About the Artist

Born in Indiana, I grew up in the small town of Franklin about 25 miles south of Indianapolis. As a teenager I worked at Val's Department Store, ate strombolis from Old Master’s Pizza, and bought comic books from Erdman’s Pharmacy. Those places are gone now, but memories of that time somehow inspire my current work. Perhaps that explains my attraction to portrait vignettes—a ghost-like style commonly seen in miniature painting and early portrait photography.

While making most of my living as a blue-collar worker, I've often added to my income through private, public, and commercial art commissions. As an artist I have conducted youth drawing classes at the Indianapolis Art Center and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and my work has been included in several juried art exhibitions throughout the state, sometimes receiving awards.

Though briefly a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Franklin College, I received the better part of my education at Union Bible College and the Indianapolis Art Center (under Ellie Siskind) before finally earning degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University (associate degree in General Studies) and Herron School of Art and Graphic Design (bachelor's degree with highest distinction in Art History). My art heroes include Georges Rouault and Franz Marc (for their spirituality), John Byrne and George Perez (for their early influence), and Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres and Richard Tweedy (for their figure drawing).

I came up with Gray White Graphite Art in 2015 as a publishing label to better market prints of my "gray-and-white" artwork. (The name is a little catchier than Kris Mobley--and anyway, I like sharks.)