graphite, colored pencil
9 x 12 inches

The superhero in this piece is not Ant-Man. It's Marvel's Black Bolt, leader of the The Inhumans. Although the Black Bolt image is drawn by hand, it is an appropriation of Jack Kirby's artwork from Fantastic Four #46 (though this image is from the cover of The Inhumans #11). For longtime comic book fans there is no sleight of hand here as they will instantly recognize Kirby's figure, but the borrowing bears mention for those who are not as familiar with the image.

Marvel's Ant-Man was the original inspiration for this piece, and at the time I wanted to keep the evocative influence of that name. Now that so many people know who Ant-Man is thanks to the Marvel movies, the title may prove a bit confusing for some . . . but I'm afraid the picture is stuck with it.

Best of Show, Indianapolis Art Center 69th Annual Student Show, 2007

This portrait is available in a signed, limited edition 9 x 12 inch giclee print for just $30.00 (includes free shipping).

Edition is limited to 10 prints.